Numerical Analysis
Scientific Computing

Since September 2017, I am working as a research engineer on the Eye2Brain project.

I am also finishing my Ph.D.: The Reduced Basis Method Applied to Aerothermal Simulations. A defense is planed in June 2018.

Since 2014, I am an active developer of the Feel++ library.

Aerothermal Simulations

I am working on computational fluid dynamic since my master degree. It was also the main topic of my Ph.D. .

Some features studied and implemented:

  • Finite Element Method
  • Resolution of Non-linear Coupled Systems (Fluid/Temperature)
  • Streamline Diffusion Stabilization Methods
  • Turbulence Models (RANS)
RB Image

Model Order Reduction

I discovered the model order reduction methods during my thesis. It became my primary subject of research, and I particularly enjoyed working on these theories.

My contributions in the reduced basis (RB) framework of the Feel++ library:

  • RB Framework for composite spaces and block construction
  • A multi-component version of the Empirical Interpolation Method (EIM) for discrete operators
  • Simultaneous construction of discrete EIM and Reduced Basis for non-linear problems

Eye2Brain Project

We are motivated by the need of mathematical and computational methods to study the Eye Brain system and aid the interpretation of ocular measurements as biomarkers for the brain status.

We currently develop a reliable and efficient computational framework of the Eye2Brain system allowing for computer-aided interpretations of the clinical data.

Learn more about the project

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Computing Skills

C/C++ programming 95%
Common languages: python, java, cmake, fortran, html,... 70%
Parallel programming 55%
Unix Systems 65%
Algorithmic 93%



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